Digital Multimedia Repositories

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e-LICO laboratory in the domain of digital multimedia repositories and recommender systems


VideoLectures.Net Recommender Challenge site




VideoLectures.Net Recommender Challenge has been selected for the official Discovery Challenge of the ECML-PKDD 2011 Conference. Workshop based

on the solutions of the challenge was held in Athens on 5th of the September 2011.



Proceedings of the ECML-PKDD 2011 Discovery Challenge Workshop are published as CEUR workshop proceedings.


e-LICO lab activities in the domain include:

  • Recommender system challenge organization: data and problem specification for the research community
  • Design and implementation of recommender and faceted browsing systems using e-LICO data mining laboratory
  • Enabling  domain specialists with data analytics based on workflow templates, services  and data mining planning tools
  • Building workflow experiment data base in the field of recommender systems
  • Development of the DMR domain ontology for reuse in recommender system design
  • Collaboration with DMR providers and recommender system domain expert groups and projects