Ontology Course and Working Session on the KUP Ontology


INSERM and UNIMAN (University of Manchester) are the two major players in the development of the Kidney and Urinary Pathways Ontology (KUPO): INSERM provides the biological expertise and UNIMAN the ontology engineering know-how. Julie Klein (INSERM) visited UNIMAN on May 19-21, 2009 to attend the Introduction to OWL course and discuss KUPO development issues with Robert Stevens and Simon Jupp.

The meeting participants agreed that instead of being created from scratch, the KUPO would be seeded by merging relevant portions of the following source ontologies: Gene Ontology, Mouse Anatomy Ontology, Cell Type Ontology, Human Disease Ontology and the Protein Ontology. They identified simple modeling patterns that will be used to develop an initial prototype of the KUPO; this will be presented to EuroKUP members at the next working group meeting early November.

In the meantime, an initial working version will be made available for KUP specialists to browse online using the Web Protégé application; this tool will also allow EuroKUP members to give their feedback on the ontology. For more in-depth discussions, a forum and/or a wiki will be set up on the EuroKUP/e-LICO collaboration portal, as well as mechanisms through which experts can provide definitions about domain entities and their relations, or suggest terms for inclusion in the ontology.