EuroKUP/e-LICO Joint Working Session

Representatives of the e-LICO consortium participated actively in the EuroKUP Cost Action's Working Session held on 29-30 March 2009 in Nafplio, Greece. Steve Pettifer (University of Manchester) gave an introductory talk "What is an ontology?" to make EuroKUP members aware of the utility of ontologies in their biological/clinical research. Alexandros Kalous (University of Geneva) presented data mining results on an application problem and dataset of EuroKUP partner MOSAIC. This preliminary work focused on "Feature selection in a small-sample, high-dimensional setting" and was aimed at illustrating the advantage that EuroKUP members could draw from collaboration with e-LICO data miners.

Julie Klein (INSERM) gave a presentation entitled “Two Rudimentary EuroKUP Use Cases"  on behalf of the e-LICO consortium. This presentation described the status of work on the requirements specification of the KUP use case as well as the KUP ontology. In the “Ontology Discussion Session” that followed this presentation, e-LICO members Joost Schanstra and other e-LICO members pitched in to encourage EuroKUP specialists to participate in the development of the KUP ontology and contribute their experimental data and application problems.

As a result of this working session, several EuroKUP members (clinicians, biologists and bioinformaticians) signified their intention to participate in the development of the KUP ontology and database. Others proposed use cases related to their areas of research and agreed to share their experimental  data for collaborative data mining. Finally, it was decided that a EuroKUP/e-LICO collaboration site would be set up to allow members of both consortia to interact and share resources, ideas, plans, etc. This will be hosted by the EuroKUP web portal, since EuroKUP members are the main target community of the KUP ontology, database and data mining expertise provided by e-LICO.