IDA Wizard

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RapidMiner IDA Extension

This RapidMiner extension uses the Intelligent Discovery Assistant (IDA) developed at UZh to create data mining workflow plans directly in RapidMiner. Input objects can be loaded from the repository, and the plans can be immediately loaded in RapidMiner. The extension is still in beta stage.


To install, make sure you have a running and patched Flora and XSB (as described on the eProPlan page), download the Jar attached to this page, and copy to your rapidminer/lib/plugins folder. In RapidMiner, open the preferences, navigate to the e-LICO tab and specify the path to your Flora extension as well as an (arbitrary) temporary directory.



To use the extension, choose "Start IDA Wizard" from the Tools menu. You can then specify a Task and Goal and drag data sets onto the specific data requirements. When planning completes, you can open the generated process in RapidMiner and continue working with it as with any other process.

This video shows how you can use the IDA Wizard:


rapidminer-IDA-5.0.000.jar8.34 MB