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We have developed a RapidMiner plugin for Taverna. This plugin exposes all of the data-mining operators from RapidMiner as services that can be used in the Taverna workflow system. In order to use this plugin you will need both a version of Taverna 2.3 and access to a RapidAnalytics server.


Taverna 2.3 can be downloaded from http://www.taverna.org.uk

RapidAnalytics can be downloaded from Rapid-I at http://rapid-i.com

The Taverna plugin should be considered as a beta release and we would be happy to assist anyone who is interested to use the plugin or learn more about it. If you want to have a quick play with it you can use our local RapidAnalytics server running at The University of Manchester. For more information please e-mail Simon Jupp at simon.jupp [at] manchester.ac.uk

The RapidAnalytics server can be accessed at http://rpc295.cs.man.ac.uk:8081. Login with username: guest and password: password.

The RapidMiner plugin can be installed in Taverna form the plugins menu. In the Advanced menu, choose "Updates and Plugins" and the "Find new plugins" menu. Then select the Rapid Miner Service Type Plugin 1.1.0 and click install.  You will be prompted to restart to Taverna to use the plugin.  Once restarted click on File/Taverna > Preferences, under the "e-LICO" section enter the RapidAnalytics server address (http://rpc295.cs.man.ac.uk:8081) and click Apply, please restart Taverna, the Service Panel will now show a new entry called Rapid Miner Services.

Example workflows and help packs can be found at myExperiment: http://www.myexperiment.org/groups/402.html

Additional information can be found at http://www.mygrid.org.uk/dev/wiki/display/elico/Rapid+Miner+Plugin

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