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e-LICO: An e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research
in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Science


An EU-FP7 Collaborative Project (2009-2012)
Theme ICT-4.4: Intelligent Content and Semantics


e-LICO Architecture and Components

The goal of the e-LICO project is to build a virtual laboratory for interdisciplinary collaborative research in data mining and data-intensive sciences. The proposed e-lab will comprise three layers: the e-science and data mining layers will form a generic research environment that can be adapted to different scientific domains by customizing the application layer.

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e-LICO in ECML/PKDD-2011

e-LICO was strongly represented in the 2011 edition of the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, which took place in Athens, Greece. e-LICO team members co-organized the following activities:


  • The iKUPBrowser, developed in e-LICO for the Kidney and Urinary Pathway Ontology/Knowledge Base, won First Prize in the "Ontologies Come of Age" challenge held in ISCW-2011.

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RapidAnalytics / RapidMiner Extensions

Within e-LICO, the RapidAnalytics Data Mining server solution was developed. It connects seamlessly with RapidMiner and provides the core data mining functionality for e-LICO.

Furthermore, various RapidMiner extensions were developed, e.g. to connect RapidMiner to myExperiment, for using R inside RapidMiner, for image mining, and market basket analysis.